Monday, November 10, 2014

What We Did This Weekend

Good morning little sunshines.  I am at my counter drinking coffee and looking at the weather for the week.  It is going to be 20 degrees on Wednesday.  BRRRRRRRRRRRR.  

We had a great weekend!  Friday I had a lunch date with this sweet kid: 

And Friday night I had a yoga girls dinner party.  It started at 7:00.  Which means I ate dinner after 7:00.  If that is not a miracle, I don't know what is.  Our friend Lizzie hosted us and set a beautiful table with an incredible meal.  

We had a great evening with A LOT Of laughs and A LOT of wine but rest assured there was no drunk yoga happening.  But we thought about it.   

Girlfriends are just the best and I honestly feel lucky to have so many good ones! 

Saturday morning was a struggle because of that bottle of wine but I went to yoga to try and sweat it out.  Then Saturday was spent at the grocery, visiting a friend for coffee and cleaning the house and all that jazz.  Oh, and Ryan bought a new car! 

It's a pretty slick ride and Ryan is in love.  Plus the two car seats fit SO MUCH better in the backseat.  #dadcar

Sunday afternoon Paul had a birthday party at an indoor trampoline place.  If you want to ensure your children sleep, make them jump with their friends for two hours.  

I am ready for my 2nd cup of coffee and then off to work.  Hope you all have a great week! 


  1. 20 degrees! Already? Stay warm. I like the monday-croc comparison

  2. My son calls Monday "Monday FunDay!" because he loves school so much! I call it "Yes, my daughter is in PJs for school drop off and these are yoga pants I wore not to yoga but to bed last night, but at least we all brushed our teeth Day"

  3. You seem to really have had a fun weekend. It must've been a pleasure to spend an evening with your girlfriends. Anyway, the new car that Ryan bought looks great. It definitely looks like a slick ride. Have fun with your new ride and make sure to drive carefully always. All the best! :)

    Edward Taylor @ Laguna Niguel Auto Center


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