Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap!

Oops, a day late here!  Yesterday was crazy with work and all that business, but I feel on schedule now.  Plus, only FOUR days until we are on Winter Break and I can't wait to lay on the couch and snuggle my dudes and have a wonderful holiday!

This weekend was much calmer than the one before and much needed!  Friday we had some beers and convinced the kids to play in the basement while we watched 22 Jump Street.  I thought it would be kind of stupid but we actually laughed quite a bit.
Saturday I woke up for some yoga and then subbed a beginner yoga class which was fun!  I did a little school work and then we went out to dinner for Mexico (aka chips and salsa).  Saturday night was spent doing some basketball tricks off the couch.  For an hour!

Sunday was our big event!  My girlfriend hires Santa every year to come over for breakfast, while everyone just brings a side dish to share.  Paul was SO EXCITED!!!

He sat on his lap and asked for a Spiderman lego guy and a Superman leg guy (what??) But after a quick Amazon Prime search, Santa is going to make dreams come true!  

At first Charlie thought Santa was an okay guy.

But then quickly changed his mind!

We all came home for naps and the Bronco game and then spent the rest of the evening lounging and folding laundry!

Hoping this week goes fast for all of us!! Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Thanks for the cute Xmas card--can't believe how grown-up both the boys are! The 2nd Santa picture is priceless! Happy Holidaze! Love, Auntie Martha


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