Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What I Read in November

November was a great reading month for me.  I can already tell December is not going to be as good. Ebbs and flows like everything else!

Here is What I Read: 

A cute easy read about a family and Christmas.  Nothing heavy or life changing, but a good story about the holidays! 

Another easy read, a love story from the 1960s but gets intertwined to the present day!  The older love story is WAY more interesting than the present day love story, but still worth the read! 

I usually don't love science fiction, but this was a really interesting futuristic love story.  And make you think about our obsession with technology and where it could go.  

This is young adult, but it is SO GOOD!! It is about twins, Noah and Jude.  Some of the story is from Jude's point of view and the other from Noah's.  I thought about this book for weeks after I finished!   
Read this over Thanksgiving break, easy and entertaining and you can finish in just a few hours.  Not my favorite of hers, but still worth my time! 

This was not my favorite by Moyes, but perhaps reading two books by the same author in a month is a bad idea.  Just a bit predictable!   

A suspense, mystery novel that took place in a school so hit close to home! :) It was hard to put down! 

I read A Thousand Acres in college and LOVED it but I am not sure I have read anything of Smiley's since.  I didn't know if I was going to like this, it is a family story taking place on a farm but I really enjoyed it!  

 If you read any book this year, let it be this one.  I cried the entire time.  It is heart breaking, optimistic, beautiful and I haven't stopped talking or thinking about this book since I finished.  When I was pregnant with Paul I remember going to bed each night wishing and hoping that my baby would be healthy.  Please don't have down syndrome or autism or any other crazy disorder, disease, etc.  I remember being nervous with Charlie too, but a little less so since I had Paul to distract me.  But after reading this book, I think I was praying for the wrong thing.  I really just hope my children are kind.  This book does such a great job of portraying the social structures of middle school and making you think about why some kids are mean, why some kids feel like they have to be mean to fit in, and why some kids go against the grain and are just kind. Please let my boys be kind.  READ THIS!! 

Any great books you have read lately?

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  1. You have me super intrigued about the Wonder book. I'm going to have to give it a go! Thanks for sharing!


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