Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Events!

Well I am writing this on Monday night because I was so worthless yesterday, I didn't do any of my weekend "chores."  By the way Elaine, you are no longer 25.  Anyway, we had a great weekend and I am thanking the stars I had today off so I could get my act together!

Friday, Paul had his Christmas performance at school.  We almost didn't go because it is A LOT of buildup for 6 minutes (I timed it) but at the last moments, we decided just to do it.  He spent most of the time with his hands around his eyes trying to find us.  That was pretty funny!

This is actually an entire school performance, but preschool goes first and then you can leave.  Thank goodness.  After the 6 minutes, we tried to take a family picture.  We came up with this:

Look at all my cute boys!! 

Ryan and I wanted to go out to dinner and have a drink (duh) but we let Paul pick and he insisted on Panera so we got ourselves some take-out and poured the wine at home.  We put the kids to bed and stuffed Christmas cards.  Keeping it real. 

Saturday we woke up and put up all our Christmas decorations.  Almost our entire collection is at the height of a soon to be two-year old! 

Paul asked immediately if that day was Christmas... we have a long way to go Buddy.  And we found our Elf on the Shelf, Howie, and have already had a close call about moving him.  That elf is a lot of pressure.  

We think we are real funny and put a Broncos helmet on the top of our tree.  Paul loves to be the one to do it!

Saturday night we had an early birthday celebration for Charlie man who is almost TWO (sob).  Paul really enjoyed opening ALL his presents, despite my obviously effective lecture about how this is Charlie's birthday and Charlie's presents.  

Ryan and I had an ugly sweater party to attend and he won best costume for wearing an ugly Raiders jersey.  He was pretty proud of himself.  

If only we had gotten this shot just a few days earlier.  This screams Christmas card!

Sunday was ROUGH.  But we got ourselves together to celebrate our nephew's first birthday!  I left my phone at home but Eli looked like he had a great time, especially eating his cake!  Who doesn't love sugar?

Sunday night my yoga studio had their holiday happy hour with wine and sushi.  Look at this huge boat of goodness!

When I came home, Ryan had put the boys in their matching Christmas pajamas.  I tried to get a picture and ended up with this.  #cantwinthemall 

Whew, what a fun filled weekend!  How was yours?

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