Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Thank goodness Friday is here!  The week has gone by really fast but BUSY!  Here are my Friday Favorites: 

What I'm Laughing At: 
If Toddlers Texted.  I think I peed my pants laughing.

What I am Reading:
This book is seriously the best.  READ IT.  
What I'm Loving: 

Paul's new obsession with taking pictures.  When we were running errands Tuesday he told me we should take a picture for Daddy! 

Nap time.  These two usually love each other and they would DIE to sleep with each other.  But would they sleep??

Paul is READY for Christmas!  We are finally going to put up all our decorations this weekend and I know he's going to LOVE it.  

Happy Happy Friday! 

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