Thursday, January 15, 2015

4 Things on a Thursday

1. Audio books.  Are you all listening to those?  I fell in love with listening to Serial in my car and now I might be ready to dabble in the audio book world.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

2. Why Being a Mom is Enough.  My sweet mom sent this to me and I love it.

3. Tuesday I took the boys to the museum where we met our friends.  All was fun until the power went out and we had to leave early.  Paul cried that it was the best day until the lights went out and he had to leave Nolan and the museum.  Anyway, the museum is about 40 minutes from our house and I was REAL nervous that Charlie would fall asleep on the way home and ruin nap time for himself, but more importantly for me.  So I told Paul he could have a donut if he was able to keep Charlie awake. Worked like a charm.

4. My big confession is that I hate bath time.  I don't hate it while they are in the actual bath because I can just read a book or a magazine, but getting them dressed and then dried and dressed again seems like a lot of work.  However, Tuesday night Charlie ate a yogurt, got it everywhere (the biggest hot spot was his hair) and I had to break my maximum once a week bath time.  At least he was cute! 

It is almost the weekend... A long weekend! 


  1. You are not alone, bath time is the worst! I used to love it because I felt like such a mom to have to do all these things but now I dread it too! Those bath pics are adorable btw!

    1. Thank you! I don't know why bath time is so daunting...but it sure is! :)

  2. We do baths every other day!!!! Now you have me thinking I could stretch that out! I'm not even sure why we implemented that routine in the first place. #crazyparentsarecrazy

    1. When they were baby babies, we used to do bath time EVERYDAY. I thought it would make them sleep better (hopeful thinking). Now I think I'm just lazy! :)


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