Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 Day Weekend Wrap-Up!

Is there anything better than a 3-day weekend?  I think not!  We are back at school today, but it is an inservice so no students.  A nice ease-in back to the week! 

I posted this on Instagram for the big Valentine's weekend and I still think it is pretty funny! 

Friday we did nothing and it was glorious.  We each went to the gym, the kids watched a movie, I drank a half glass of wine and fell asleep.  

Saturday Ryan's mom took Paul to the museum so Charlie and I walked to do a few errands.  Look at that cutie with cookie all over his face from the grocery store! 

When Paul got home he helped me bake a heart shaped cake and I am sure you can guess who was in charge of the sprinkles.  

We had our friends over and I should have taken pictures of the pizzas pre-cooking because they were cuter and shaped like a heart.  Doesn't look like anything post oven! :) 

There were lots of boys.  Charlie took sometime on the floor and then joined the crew on the couch.  

There is nothing I love more than tons of people at my house, lots of noise, wine consumption and laughs.  All my needs were met Saturday night.  

Sunday was rough.  I made myself go to yoga and then parked it on the couch for the rest of the day.  We did make it out to our friend's house Sunday night for more fun with kids and Valentine's suckers.  

Monday it snowed so Paul found a little art project my mom had given him for Christmas.  He let Charlie watch.  

Then Ryan gave the boys haircuts.  I wanted Ryan to take Charlie to get his haircut and pay a ridiculous amount of money.  Charlie has great hair.  Amazing hair.  I wanted a frat boy/I play lacrosse look.  A little long but cleaned up around the ears and the back.  Ryan claimed that he could probably just do it.  He buzzed Paul's and then was ready to tackle Charlie.  

Guess what?  It turns out Ryan did not attend cosmetology school, and perhaps does not know how to achieve the long surfer dude haircut I was desperately wanting.  Charlie ended up with a VERY similar haircut to Paul's.  I am still sad.  

I know it is ridiculous because it is just hair.... but he looks so different.  Ryan felt bad and PROMISED he would take him to get it cut next time.  Hopefully I will be over this epic disaster soon.  But no promises! 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Epic disaster! But Charlie still looks so cute! "Ryan did not attend cosmetology school" LOL. Don't worry it will grow back into that lax look


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