Thursday, February 26, 2015


Well we did something rather exciting.... and booked ourselves a little trip to IRELAND in June!  We are so excited!  We have never been and looking for plenty of suggestions to help fill our trip and allow us to see as much as possible! 

We had been talking about this trip for a long time, and two things were holding us back: 
 #1. Money- why are all the fun things this expensive things?  
#2. Getting people to watch our kids.  We NEVER underestimate how hard it is to watch 2 boys with everlasting energy and this trip was even more of a challenge because it is a little longer than previous ones as we have to travel so far.  Our parents graciously are splitting the time and we know it is a lot to ask. 

But... We lost a co-worker last month, a young one at 28 and it was sad and unfair and all of those feelings.  It was also a HUGE slap in the face that life is short and unpredictable and meant to be lived.  I think we both found the urgency to start working on our bucket lists right now, as much as time and money and the generosity of others would allow!  

So we are going to Ireland! 

Have you been before?  Anything we must do? 


  1. How exciting! Good for you guys! Can't wait to hear/see how it goes! :)


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