Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscar Fashion

So many award shows, so little time.  I know you are on the edge of your seats with my opinions, so lets just dive right in: 

Not So Great: 

Listen Jared.  I want to love you.  I really do.  But cut your freaking hair.  Please.  

Remember this guy from the 90's???

I want to like this Gwyneth, but I can't get over the weird shoulder flower thing.  

I also feel bad ripping on Lady Gaga after such an amazing performance, but what are the gloves??  Were you doing dishes right before the awards show and then forgot to take them off?  Help us.  

Scarlett Jo... It's a lot of green.  A lot.  

Maybe I Could Be Convinced: 

Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope- you are fresh and beautiful but I don't think I am a fan of the peplum look?  

Listen, I love me some Emma Stone and I really like the color, but I am not having heart palpatations when I look at the dress.  

Dakota Johnson. I didn't realize that this was Melanie Griffith's daughter #wherehaveibeen.  I saw a REAL awkward interview with Dakota and Melanie and to top it off, Mel must have gotten some brand new botox because girl could not even move her face.  I felt weird. 

Reese looks beautiful, but sort of plain too?   It's pretty but doesn't knock your socks off, you know?


Kelly Preston, good length, good neckline, amazing color! Bravo! 

Rosamond Pike.  You scared the shit out of me during Gone Girl, but you looked incredible! 

 Cate.  Yes to the dress and YES, YES, YES to the necklace.  I love everything! 

 I follow Anna Kendrick on Instagram, so I think we are friends and I loved this dress.  The simplicity of the style and the color, she looked beautiful!

But I think the best part of the night was this speech!  So touching!

What do you think?  Favorites?  Not so favorite?  Weigh in!!

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  1. Cate is a movie-freaking-star. So good. What about Julianne Moore?


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