Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap!

We had a great snowy weekend here in Colorado.  It helped us to hunker down and get some things done around the house! 

My brother was in town this week, so we went to my parent's house on Friday to say goodbye.  They had to leave a little earlier then they planned because of the impending snow storm!  G and Charlie watched a little Robin Hood (our new favorite)!

Saturday we both went to the gym and then hung around the house.  Paul somehow convinced Ryan to buy him some new legos #sucker 

And then it started snowing so Charlie played with cars while I drank a beer and finished my book.  Charlie never got out of his pajamas which always equates to a good Saturday.  

After naps for all we watched Robin Hood (again) and Charlie entertained us with his funny faces.  I just love that kid! 

We hung around and it felt nice to not have anything to do anything for once! 

Sunday I braved the snow for the grocery store and yoga!  Then I came home to pick up 800 million legos (I feel like this is how I spend the majority of my time) and when the kids went to nap Ryan and I painted the bathroom.  I was going to do it myself, but Ryan offered to help.  He must still feel bad about Charlie's haircut!  

While we painted we listened to the "Dear Sugar" podcast.  This particular episode talked about feminism and sex and women's image of themselves.  Ryan concluded that being a woman sounded hard and I agreed that raising a girl in this day and age would be extra difficult.  Although telling Paul to take his hands out of his pants 632 times a day is no picnic either.  

Paul woke up and helped us finish up.  We have a little more touch up to do this week, but overall we really like the color.  But it is making me want to paint my cabinets in there.  Has anyone done this before?  It looks relatively easy on Pinterest, but we all know how that goes!  I would love to hear about some real life experience! 

Charlie woke up and we all watched the Oscars.  I thought we were going to get a snow day, but we sure didn't.   I am working on my Academy Award fashion likes and dislikes!  Check back tomorrow! 

Have a great Monday! 

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