Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I Read in January

Six books in January.  I certainly cut it close, but I did it! :) Here is what I read: 

I gave this 3 stars.  I liked it and the characters but feel like I had read a similar story before.  

A fast read- a good story about a complicated family with different points of view (I love that).  
3 Stars 

This is a thriller?  I had no idea until Maureen told me.  I heard about this book from a podcast my Jenn sent me.  I tried to get into it once before but then it was due at the library before I had a chance to dig in.  When Maureen read it for book club, I knew I had to try again.  3 stars.  I did want to figure out the ending and it does get a suspenseful towards the middle, but it takes A LONG time for the action to start.  
3 stars...mostly for its unnecessary length 

This was okay-- a fun book to keep me reading.  Didn't have to think too much and I was entertained! 
3 stars 

I loved this one.  It is an advice column, the advice written by Cheryl Strayed author of Wild.  She is funny and smart and always has a good message.  Worth the read! 
4 stars! 

I just love young adult.  This was about a subject I didn't know much about (fan fiction) but it was interesting and made me think I could write a young adult fiction book?  #dreams
4 stars 

What have you read lately?

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