Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

Welcome to February.  I did pretty well with my January goals and am excited to share this month's aspirations! 

From January: 

1. Attend the yoga arm balance workshop my friend Jill is leading.  Support a friend, get upside down and learn something.  I really hope I can work this in my schedule.- Did it!  Loved it!  Was so sore but held handstand for longer than .3 seconds.  

2. Paint the bathroom.  I did not do this last month.  I forgot when I am home with my kids I get nothing done.  Anyway, it is on my to do list to buy the paint on Friday so that is a step in the right direction!- Again didn't happen.  Why can't I paint?  Why Why Why?

3. Pick a color to paint the dining room.  Ryan told me over break that he would paint the dining room (and he wasn't even drunk!) but I had to be in charge of the color.  I'll be thinking about that this month! Well we haven't officially picked a color, but we have discussed some options.  A really dark gray is on the top of our list.  

4. Take a class from a yoga teacher I have never taken before.  This is a good one for me because although it is a huge bonus my favorite yoga studio is only 5 minutes away, it is a good to branch out a bit!- Yes!  Actually this was a great goal and I'm so happy I found time for this one! 

5. Read 6 books.  This goal is always my favorite every month because it keeps me on track!  It will be hard because it is time to go back to work and I know how exhausting it is, but game on!!- Yes!  I will share what 6 books I read tomorrow! 

Goals for February: 
1. Read 5 books.  Short month so I can't go crazy, but this is my favorite thing to do! 
2. Host Valentines Get Together.  I am thinking of having a little family party with fun decorations and heart shaped pizzas?
3. Paint bathroom- I mean for the love of God.  
4. Eat in the dining room- We finally got our new light in the dining room, so I need to celebrate by eating in there! 
5. Try a new class at the gym- Ryan and I joined Lifetime and we really like it so far but I haven't tried any of their fitness classes besides yoga.  Want to try something new! 
6. Don't eat out for the entire month.  This one is going to be so hard and we picked a short month for a reason.  But on the weekends we spend so much $$ on dumb food like Chipotle and Panera.  So for 28 days we are going to eat at home.  

What are your February Goals?


  1. Good luck! Those are some good ones! I truly can't believe that you can read 5 books a month with a full time job and two kids. That is truly impressive. :)

    1. I think I just ignore my kids too much!: )

  2. I painted M's room last week and it only took one day!!! baseboards and everything. you can do it!! (I'm painting L's room this weekend.) I also have a gray picked out for the rest of the house. its gray with a beige undertone, so it doesn't look blue like some grays do....you should grab a sample and see if you like it. Its calle d"String" and its the pantone stuff from Lowe's. Good luck and good job on your January to dos!

    1. Yes!! Thank you for the suggestion! I will totally check it out! ONE day painting?? I'm impressed!!


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