Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday blog friends!  I am pretty pumped that I already worked out this morning, but that probably means I will be exhausted by 3:00 pm. Take a little give a little.  

We had a great weekend filled with lots of friends.  Friday night our friends who have a girl Paul's age and a boy Charlie's age came over.  Listen.  I have 2 boys.  I am totally satisfied.  I am not going to have a third baby to try and have a girl because I would have a boy and then my house would literally blow up due to toddler boy destruction. However, there is something about a girl.  Who wears bows and headbands.  And who listens.  And is quiet.  Paul, Charlie and Ellie were on the couch and Paul and Charlie started arguing about a toy they both wanted to have and we heard Ellie say "Boys.  You need to share."  AND THEN THEY DID.  Seriously it was like a little angel on my couch.  Second best thing of the night?  Paul and Ellie came in the kitchen and told me to close my eyes because they had a big surprise.  A big surprise in 4 year old language isn't necessarliy something I get excited about.  Paul poops in the toilet and all of a sudden it's a big surprise.  So imagine my shock when they led me into the spotless playroom they had just cleaned up.  Come over everyday Ellie.  Amen. 

Easton thought all of this was a little boring and was perfectly satisfied laying on my disgusting dog hair filled floor watching the iphone.  I feel you man. 

Saturday Ryan and I woke up and took the kids to the gym.  We have to bribe them to go to the kid's center by promising a donut afterwards.  Stupid but it works! :)  Then we came home, napped and got ready for a fun one year old birthday party.  Paul thought it was necessary to bring along the glow sticks I picked up at the Target dollar bin.  One year old birthdays usually mean rave to me too.  The big kids had a great time dancing and using their glow sticks as guns, swords and whatever other weapon they could think of.  

Sunday we woke up and were surprised to find a ton of snow on the ground.  I wrestled the kids into their snow clothes which only took 37 minutes and a meltdown by Charlie.  Paul had a great time sledding and Charlie hated everything.  Hated his jacket and boots and wouldn't put on his mittens.  So I took the Char man home and Ryan and Paul had wonderful morning.  

After I took a million years to get Charlie undressed, I threw in a load of laundry and found him like this.  Asleep on our family room floor with his hand down his pants.  Sledding for 30 seconds takes it out me me too dude.  

The kids napped, Ryan and I got some wings and fries and put the Superbowl on.  The boys sort of ruined any relaxing laying on the couch Sunday football but it was nice to have a low key night.  

Happy Monday to all! 

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