Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

I am so excited for the weekend.  I know I say that every Friday, but I really mean it this time.  We have plans with friends both nights and I want to sit on the couch and READ.  

Read this right now and laugh.  

But seriously.  

Although Paul looks like he is in pain, I love these dudes cuddling up on the couch.  They are just the sweetest and growing up TOO fast.  Ryan took Paul to buy new shoes the other night after we discovered his toes were literally jammed up to the edge of the old ones (oops).  Now he looks like he is 13 and I am sad.  

Also, last night Charlie was sitting at the counter while Ryan and I were talking and he started singing to himself.  Ryan thought it was the ABCs.  But you know what it was?  I am almost embarrassed to say.  Taylor Swift- Shake it off.  He was singing the "play play play" part and when I chimed in with "Shake it Off" he was PUMPED to do the "oooo ooooo."  It was hilarious and now it is evident we listen to that song too often.  

Happy Friday my friends!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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