Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Things On My Wall

Over Winter Break, we added some things to our white space walls.  This is very exciting (because I am 80 years old).  

First, Ryan put this right next to my stocking Christmas morning and I love it.  It is as if Stevie Nicks speaks to me every morning.  I will go my own way.  

Ryan also picked up this this little love for Christmas too (what a shopper).  Good words of wisdom! 

We put up two new canvases of our boys from the summer.  I think I love my boys best when their hair is wet and they are in their swimsuits.

And the wall to the guest room, we added some art courtesy of Paul.  I am thinking I will change it out as he creates some new masterpieces, but those will probably be the same for 10 years. #KeepintItReal

And a sneak preview... FINALLY a light is being installed in my dining room.  Let the angels sing. 

Happy Almost Friday!! 


  1. Love the new art! Also, I miss you. And as my boys were reading in their carseats today I decided they were inspired by P & C even if they didn't realize it! Can we plan to get together soon? (maybe without kids since mine are BANANAS lately)

  2. Yes!!!! I miss you too! And out boys will be necessary or I won't hear/remember anything you say! :)


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