Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How We Entertain on a Day Off

Yesterday I was off with BOTH boys!  We had a great day because it was 70 degrees.  Seriously.  We were outside and I had to worry about sunscreen.  A January miracle.   I feel parenting is easier when the park, the playground and walks are an option.  

Here is how we spent our day: 

#1) When you first wake up, it is important to stay in pajamas, watch a show on the ipad and eat pop tarts.  

#2) The only reason to go to the grocery store is to ride the horse afterwards.  And eat a cookie while mom is shopping.  And convince her to buy 2 donuts as "dessert."  

#3) The we headed to the library to pick out some new books.  BOTH boys are reading in the car and I just want to thanks the stars above.  

#4) It is just so hard not to take pictures of this cute boy. 

#5) Then we came home, made lunches and met our friends at the park.  We ran around, did some swinging and hurled ourselves down the slide.  

The weather was so fantastic yesterday, we even went on a walk after nap time.  But don't worry, the forecast calls for snow on Saturday.  Short lived, but amazing! 

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