Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh why does the weekend go so fast???  We did a few things around the house, a few errands, and a lot of lounging.  

Thursday I had to go in to the doctor to get a little procedure to basically cut some skin cancer out of my left temple.  They found some basal cells a few years ago, but it grew back in the same place so we had to be a little more aggressive.  I have some stitches and have to wear a bandage for SIX weeks, but at least they were to get all the bad stuff out!

Both boys were concerned about my bandage.  Paul wanted to know if I told all my friends about my "broken head" and Charlie just keeps pointing to it and saying, "Owie?  Eye?"  But now they are over it.  I expect the same reaction from my students.  I know I will spend Tuesday talking about it and everyone will be good to go.  But I predict in four weeks some knucklehead will ask, "What happened to your head?"

I took Friday off work and I caught up on my DVR and read this book! 

Friday night was dedicated to me, Ryan, wine and House of Cards.  I just love that show.  

Saturday I taught the boys swim team at my high school yoga.  Boys are funny and there was a lot of cursing and complaining but it was very entertaining.  

I came home and convinced the WHOLE family to go to Home Goods and we picked up this cute sign for our newly painted bathroom!  Side note, boys do not appreciate the magic that is Home Goods.  

Ryan spent hours hanging up new towel racks and pictures and shelves.  The bathroom looks so much better.  We just need new light fixtures and I am going to try and paint the cabinets.  Home improvement never stops!  

Saturday night we went to our friend's house with 2 other boys and ALL four dudes played so nicely together it was a Saturday night miracle.   There was minimum intervention from us and we were even able to eat pizza in peace.  So fun! 

Sunday morning I headed to the gym and Paul suggested I do a few push-ups, so he dropped down and showed me his questionable form.  

I came home and we all went to the grocery store and fulfilled our Sunday donut tradition.  The boys cuddle on the couch and watched Robin Hood! 

Then it was laundry, baths, and all the other fun Sunday night chores  

Happy Monday Blog Friends! 

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  1. Perfect little weekend. 6 weeks of the bandage?!


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