Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Goals

It is still pretty cold, but the sun is shining and I can hear birds chirping, so lets do this spring!!  

Review on the February Goals: 
1. Read 5 books.  Short month so I can't go crazy, but this is my favorite thing to do!  Did it.. even read more that 5!  My reviews will be up tomorrow! 

2. Host Valentines Get Together.  I am thinking of having a little family party with fun decorations and heart shaped pizzas? We sure did!  We had the pizzas and too much boxed wine and it was a success!! 

3. Paint bathroom- I mean for the love of God.   Yes my friends.  YES.  We finally painted the bathroom and I LOVE it.  

4. Eat in the dining room- We finally got our new light in the dining room, so I need to celebrate by eating in there! Yes!  We had my parents over for their joint birthday celebration and we ate under our new light.  And then had a dance party to Taylor Swift.  And my dad danced on the couch.  With his shoes on.  My boys are still talking about it.  

5. Try a new class at the gym- Ryan and I joined Lifetime and we really like it so far but I haven't tried any of their fitness classes besides yoga.  Want to try something new!- And not so much.  Ugh! 

6. Don't eat out for the entire month.  This one is going to be so hard and we picked a short month for a reason.  But on the weekends we spend so much $$ on dumb food like Chipotle and Panera.  So for 28 days we are going to eat at home.  We mostly did this and I am REALLY proud of us.  We spent some Valentines' day money my mom sent us on some take-out and my parents took us out to eat because my brother was in town.. and we cheated ONE day early with Chick Fil-a, but it was really cold and we needed these crazy people that live with us to play in the play area and get some energy out.  So sue us! :) But overall, this was really hard but really good! 

Here is what is in store for March: 
1. Go to a new class at the gym- just do it Elaine. 

2. Read 6 books- my goal is to read 90 books this year.  I am on Goodreads and it keeps track of my progress and lets me know if I am ahead or behind my overall goal.  Don't worry... I am right on point! 

3. Check on passports- or find passports.  I can't remember when they expire and it would be a real bummer to pack for Ireland only to find the passport situation is a no go! :) 

4. Paint the dining room- I mean supervise Ryan painting the dining room.  I love you Ryan.  Spring break is at the end of this month, so I am thinking this can happen then... but it is possible it sneaks into our April goals! 

5. Host a dinner party- I love a party with good food and good wine and I know just the crew to come over.  Already excited! 

6. Renew my teaching license.  This is the most time sucking task of my life, but it will feel good to get it off my list! 

What are your March Goals??

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  1. 1. Send pic of bathroom paint and dining room light asap. How do I not know about this?! Probably bc I haven't been a regular blog reader. Eek.
    2. Lifetime has great classes - love the pump or whatever it is called. W a barbell. Works everything
    3. Are their pictures of g dancing on the couch?
    4. Impressed w no take out


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