Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Read in February

I'm not sure why, but this was a great reading month for me.  My strategy is to always keep reading.  Sometimes I have to read something light or "fluffy" just to give my brain a break, but I always make sure there is a book in my purse, on my nightstand, and by the couch.  That way it is close if I feel like I have a few extra minutes.  

Anyway, here is what I read:

This one seemed a little weird when I read the back.  A woman starts to see her late husband in her dreams with a "what would have been" life.  But I really enjoyed it, as those dreams led the main character Kate into a different part of her life.  4 stars. 

#2 Landline 
This one was a bummer.  I usually really like this author, but this was slow, long and just not that exciting.  A pass and 2 stars.  

I loved this one!  A dysfunctional family all get back together for their father's funeral.  I laughed out loud and cried.  Read this! 4 stars! 

This was another great book.  Suspenseful "who did it" book with a Gone Girl vibe.  I was surprised by the ending! 4 stars

I loved this too.  It really solidified the importance of an outfit and the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin.  I want Betty to come give me some tough love in the dressing room.  4 stars. 

This was a quick easy read too that takes in Paris and about a marriage in trouble.  3 stars. 

This was excellent.  It is about early onset Alzheimer's, which obviously is awful and then makes you feel like you can't remember anything but I loved this book.  I loved the family dynamic and especially the son in the book who is in college when his father is diagnosed and his pure selfishness about the situation, not because he is truly selfish, but because he is 20 years old.  Read this!! 4 stars! 


  1. You have piqued my interest with #3 and #4. I'll have to check them out! Plus, SEVEN books in one month?!? You are my reading spirit animal.

    1. Yes! Read 3 and 4! But don't watch #3's movie... not so good! :)

  2. Totally agree that landline was a bummer. Need to read we are not ourselves now. And i swear I'm not making the baby monitor story from christmas up or copying it from this is where I leave you. And I NEED that stylist lady to come over


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