Thursday, March 5, 2015


When Paul was two or so, we got him his first pet.  A fish.  He named it Peso, from the cartoon Octonauts he was obsessed with at the time.  Well a few weeks ago, I looked over in Peso's bowl and found him....DEAD.  I panicked.  I called Ryan who was at the gym and said we have an EMERGENCY.  He came home and we spent some time googling what you should say to your 4 year old when their fish dies.  Do we hold a funeral?  Is he going to cry?  Is he going to ask if he is going to die?  We were nervous.

So finally, I picked him up and brought him over to the bowl.  I gently tried to explain that Peso had passed away.  He quietly asked if we could give him some medicine to make him "not dead."  We explained that medicine was no longer an option.  He was silent for a few moments as I was waiting for the moment  I would have to dig deep in my parenting skills and answer some big, hard questions.

Instead, Paul jumped out of my arms and ran back to the toys he was playing with, yelling over his shoulder, "okay, well we probably need to get a new fish that's not dead."

And again, parenting is just one big surprise.

R.I.P Peso


  1. At least you don't have to clean a damn fish bowl anymore. #rippeso

  2. Omg can't believe I didn't hear about this! Poor peso but I love this story!


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