Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Paul Guy

My Paul guy is really motivated by something simple.  Skittles.  He told me about this game at school where his teachers play a song and if they clean up the whole classroom by the time the song is over, they "win."  Well as soon as I heard about this genius idea, I implemented the same game at our house with the disaster of the playroom.  It is awesome.  Paul likes it too although he informed me at school when they beat the song then they get a skittle.  Ah.

Also at school they have adopted two children in India who the students can bring extra change or money to help donate to the family.  Paul is always asking us for quarters and change so he can make a donation. He even came home one day to tell Ryan about these kids.  He reported that they don't have a table, or shoes, or food.  Ryan thought it was really nice that Paul was "getting it" and wanting to help these kids that were less fortunate.  Then Paul informed us that every time he donates, he receives a skittle.  Ah.

So really the important lesson here is that we need to get a giant bag of skittles at my house and we probably will have the most thoughtful well behaved kids in the neighborhood.

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