Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorties

Actually this is not my favorite, but Ryan beat everyone last week in our work weight loss challenge.  And I am annoyed.  He lost 8 pounds in one week.  Do you know the agony it takes for me to lose ONE pound?  I do not understand men.  And I am sure I should be supportive and happy for him and blah, blah, blah but COME ON! 

Charlie is obsessed with anything outside.  We all ate dinner outside last weekend when it was 75 degrees.  Now Charlie wants to do it ALL THE TIME.  Even when it is 45 degrees.  Even when he is all alone.  I love him. 

Last night Ryan played in the faculty vs. student basketball game at school.  At halftime the little boys got to join in the fun.  If you want your heart to swell with the goodness of the world, then combine 18 year olds and 4 and 2 year olds.  It's good stuff.  

Happy Weekend y'all! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Paul Guy

My Paul guy is really motivated by something simple.  Skittles.  He told me about this game at school where his teachers play a song and if they clean up the whole classroom by the time the song is over, they "win."  Well as soon as I heard about this genius idea, I implemented the same game at our house with the disaster of the playroom.  It is awesome.  Paul likes it too although he informed me at school when they beat the song then they get a skittle.  Ah.

Also at school they have adopted two children in India who the students can bring extra change or money to help donate to the family.  Paul is always asking us for quarters and change so he can make a donation. He even came home one day to tell Ryan about these kids.  He reported that they don't have a table, or shoes, or food.  Ryan thought it was really nice that Paul was "getting it" and wanting to help these kids that were less fortunate.  Then Paul informed us that every time he donates, he receives a skittle.  Ah.

So really the important lesson here is that we need to get a giant bag of skittles at my house and we probably will have the most thoughtful well behaved kids in the neighborhood.

Monday, March 16, 2015

How Does the Weekend Go So Fast?????

The sun is shining, we found our shorts that mostly fit, and the weekend flew by!! 

Friday night I hosted some yogi friends over for dinner to celebrate Kelsey's baby #2!  There was lots of wine, laughter and I think we ate food?  We had a great time and the boys played nicely in the basement.

Paul was DYING to meet my friends, and then came up when he figured everyone was here.  He turned real shy but then we heard him yelling at Ryan down the basement stairs, "I saw them, I saw them!" Oh sweet boy! 

 Saturday morning I took Charlie to a little gym class where he kicked balls, played with bubbles and made new friends.  He LOVED it and it made me feel bad that I hadn't done this with him before. That guys loves one on one time!  

After naps Paul DEMANDED we make his Star Student Poster. He had been begging to do it since Wednesday so we could "just get it done" which really made me feel like he was my child!  This week he gets to share 8 pictures on a poster with his class.  I really tried to let go of control and let him pick his eight pictures.  So that is why there are no current pictures of Charlie and Peyton Manning made the cut.  Oh 4 year olds.  

Sunday was beautiful.  I just love this weather.  We walked to the grocery store, we went to the park, we played in the backyard and even ate dinner outside.  Oh summer, come to me! 

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and the weekend looks promising!! Here are my favorites from this week! 


Pretty happy that this show is over, so my brain cells can grow again!  But still excited for Bachelor Pad/Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelorette or anything else Chris Harrison wants to throw my way! 

My friends and I took 6 boys to the zoo this week.  They LOVED it, but the gorilla eating romaine lettuce was the biggest hit.  

Having my yoga besties over for dinner tonight for wine, more wine and maybe a little dinner.  I am making this dessert which of course I've never made before!  Hope it is good! 

It is going going to be 73 degrees on Sunday.  Hello outside.  

Have a beautiful weekend!  Any plans?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Things On My Phone

I love looking through my phone and finding all of these funny pictures about what we've been up to! 
I let Charlie eat a pop tart.  And then he spread yogurt all over it.  Disgusting or awesome?  Hard to tell. 

We went to the library and Paul insisted on wearing his cape and also carrying around some sticky notes and a pen to write down some "rules."

Here are all the rules.  Please follow them.  

We also like to do this now.  I'll see you soon emergency room.  

Paul's really into Memory or the matching game, but you have to watch him closely because someone is a little cheater.  

Super Paul!! 

Charlie loves to color and paint and I let him when I don't care about paint being all over his clothes, his face, my table.  

Paul trying to teach Charlie the basics of wii fighting.  #brothers

My sweet little fish waiting for swim lessons.  Love him so much! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend ReCap

Although daylight savings is hard on the soul, who loves the light at the end of the day?! :) 

Friday Ryan had some dinner plans with some co-workers, so Paul had a friend over and I think they got every single toy we own out of the playroom.  But they had a ton of fun and even let Charlie play, so all was good.  

Saturday I woke up to teach the boy's swim team yoga again.  They are wild and talk just as much or more than girls.  It's hilarious.  Paul had a birthday party that he loved and after they sang Happy Birthday Paul announced, "That was AWESOME!" 
After the party we were able to to meet our friends for an impromptu bloody mary (me, not Paul).

Saturday night I was in my pajamas by 8:30 pm and fell asleep while the boys watched Finding Nemo.  #success.  

Sunday we had another birthday party for our sweet friends and their 1 year old!  Then I got to meet another friend for another bloody mary.  Do you sense a theme?  I got home around 4:30 and it was so light outside we took a family walk around the block! 
This is just a little preview to summer.  Some beers in to go cups, strollers, scooters... I just love it all! 

We came back for bubbles!  

And then ended the night with some good ole fashioned coloring.  
Poor Charlie looked like he was in a daze when we had to wake him up this morning! 

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

My Favorite day of the week is here!  Yay! Here are my Friday Favorites! 

Being a judgemental non-parent used to be so fun!



I organized a weight loss challenge at work that starts on Wednesday and lasts until the last Wednesday before school is out (about 11 weeks).  The buy in is $10 and any week you GAIN weight, you have to put in $3.  So any tips you have would be great.  Including how to beat my husband! :) 

Daylight Savings.  

Actually I am not sure that this is a favorite because if anything disrupts my kid's sleep then I want to punch it in the throat.  And I mean it.  But I do like the idea of lighter evenings.  And daylight savings means it is just one step closer to SUMMER.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
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