Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Things On My Phone

I love looking through my phone and finding all of these funny pictures about what we've been up to! 
I let Charlie eat a pop tart.  And then he spread yogurt all over it.  Disgusting or awesome?  Hard to tell. 

We went to the library and Paul insisted on wearing his cape and also carrying around some sticky notes and a pen to write down some "rules."

Here are all the rules.  Please follow them.  

We also like to do this now.  I'll see you soon emergency room.  

Paul's really into Memory or the matching game, but you have to watch him closely because someone is a little cheater.  

Super Paul!! 

Charlie loves to color and paint and I let him when I don't care about paint being all over his clothes, his face, my table.  

Paul trying to teach Charlie the basics of wii fighting.  #brothers

My sweet little fish waiting for swim lessons.  Love him so much! 


  1. That is hilarious about the pop tart and yogurt! He is creative! Lol! And I am pretty sure if I had a boy I would be on the edge all the time with all the climbing!

  2. Paul and his capes!! And the rules! I love it


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