Monday, January 11, 2010

26 Weeks

Well this is a bit late, but here is my 26 week old bump

It doesn't look that impressive in this picture, but believe me, it is getting bigger. I am still feeling great, still doing yoga, still doing some running, and trying to eat more!

Ryan and I are still working on the nursery. We found a really pretty light color blue that I think we are going to paint one wall and the give the rest of the room a fresh coat of white. I wouldn't want little babe to be in a dingy nursery.

We also found the cutest "glider." It looks like a big comfy chair, it has an ottoman to match, it glides, and is wide, in case I need to set a beer next to me while breastfeeding to get my milk started. I am always thinking.

We are still on the look out for a white dresser and a bookshelf (since this kid is going to love to read whether he knows it or not). But I think we are moving in the right direction!

Also, we are now in double digits until Baby Vaughn arrives. 96 days. Sometimes I feel like that is going to be over in a split second, other days I can't believe how LONG 96 days seems.


  1. I'm crying. Clutching my cell phone to my chest and crying. So call me back so we can talk about something non baby related, like in the good old days, just like you want, even though i kind of want to talk about how adorable this picture is.

  2. i'm also further distracted by how your DU tshirt is baggy on you, and i dont think i can still squash my fat tits into any tshirt from the DU days. hahahaha. tori and i are on the phone right now, and we both just cackled like bastards at that. our fat boobs shook.


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