Sunday, January 3, 2010

Maternity Jeans

I am proud to report that I made it all the way through 2009 in my regular jeans. I can still button these jeans, but by the end of the day things get a bit uncomfortable.

To celebrate the New Year, I bought myself a pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy (yes, things are getting wild over here). I decided to give them a whirl on New Years Day. At first, I thought these jeans were the most amazing invention ever. I almost called my girlfriends to insist they buy a pair pregnant or not. Everyone has those bloated days, and these puppies would come in handy.
But after a few hours of wear, the jeans stretched out a bit resulting in a constant tug of war. A war that I was losing. I hope they will be better once my belly gets a little bigger, otherwise I will just have to shell out the $ for a pair of designer maternity jeans. I'll do it.

In the meantime, I think I will stick to the bella band. My MIL bought one for me and I tried it our New Years Eve.

You just put this over your unbuttoned jeans and you are good to go. I thought it would be uncomfortable because it is spandex and dealing with the fear that my pants could fall down, but really this little band kept everything in place. The only con was that it made going to the bathroom a bit inconvenient. This might be the little accessory that all my girlfriends need.

I know I owe everyone some belly pictures, so I will try to do that in the morning.

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