Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know this is just the beginning of comments that I am going to get annoyed with, but currently on top of my list is the "you better enjoy your sleep now. You are really going to miss it when the baby comes."

OH.MY.GOD?? Did everyone know that babies cry? And at NIGHT????? Holy shit, this is such surprising information. I had no idea. You mean I am going to have to wake up? In the middle of the night? Having a baby is exhausting???????


  1. According to my doctor, since I have sleep apnea, I don't sleep any way. I think I'll be fine.

  2. I was also SO ANNOYED with that. And guess what? My baby does fucking sleep like a champ, so all those people can suck it. (I would like to point out that I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with and, but I did.)

  3. What ' til you have the baby and everyone say.. geez you look tired.. let's see. just been up for 36 hours doing physical LABOR.. how am I suppose to look?
    Whew.. can you tell it's my first week back after two week off. those little darlings couldn't stop talking !
    xoxo Mom/Ann

  4. And did you know that your life is really going to change???

    Ps...that eye mask in your pic...have it, love it, have used one since 2003.

  5. Hi Elaine and Ryan--I'm just catching up with your blog--made me laugh and cry--so happy for you both!!! Hope you will be able to make a trip to Maui some time after Baby "Boy" is born--I'll even babysit while you're here! Rob is busy building a "chicken gazebo" so we can get some baby chicks--they're sooo cute! And their fresh eggs (once they've grown) are even better! Hope to see you some time in April or May! You're going to be great parents--just remember to breathe!
    Love, Auntie Martha


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