Thursday, June 17, 2010

Having a baby gets you free stuff

On Tuesday I had to go into work for a training. I woke up at 6:30 and used every single second of the morning to arrive on time to my training at 9. I obviously used some of this time to make a trip to Starbucks so I could appear energetic and focused as we discussed the new technology my district is using. I lugged Paul's car seat into the coffee shop where the woman working behind the counter inquired about his age, name, etc. As I made my grande skinny vanilla latte order she announced that Starbucks was going to buy my coffee that morning because I just had a baby and was able to get out of the house. Hearing this news, my eyes teared up, because I also was so proud of myself for getting both Paul and I up and moving with a shower for me and a clean outfit for him. Thank you Starbucks for appreciating my efforts.

Then, on Wednesday Ryan and I went out for sushi at HAPA and ran into one of our former students who was working as a hostess. The manager was at the front of the restaurant as we caught up with this student giving her the news that we just had a baby. After we were seated, the manager came over with 2 glasses of champagne. He guessed that since we had a baby we weren't getting out of the house much and decided we were worthy of a little bubbly. It was so nice.

The moral of the story? If you are interested in some free lattes or drinks, all you have to do is have a baby. So easy!


  1. Way to go! Can I just say that I'm a little jealous about the free coffee?! Bubbly is good and all - you know I'm not about to turn down a free G&T - but coffee. . . that's just tuggin' at my heartstrings!

    Super cute kiddo - congrats on getting out of the house. And showered at the same time. Feat of a Super Mom!!

  2. i teared up reading that you teared up when that nice starbucks lady acknowledged your efforts.


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