Friday, September 16, 2011

Starting to look like FALL!

I appreciate that I live somewhere that I can celebrate all four seasons. And while I love the smell of sunscreen and chlorine on Paul's hair, I am excited to feel the air change to that crisp breezy sensation. I look forward to the leaves changing color, for Paul to discover the hilarity of jumping into big piles of leaves, to the smell of pumpkin lingering in the house, to carving jack o'laterns, and cozying up with a blanket when darkness returns a little earlier. I'm excited for all the new adventures this season will bring. Plus, the thought of boots, cute sweaters, and new scarves just make me giddy! Happy fall!


  1. Omg look at those precious teeth!!!!!!! He is getting so big! Time for another one? Wink wink...


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