Thursday, November 10, 2011

What to get a 31 year old?

I am turning 31 in 15 days. Ouch. Most things on my wish list are for my house. Boring. Almost everything on my list is expensive. Perhaps my taste has increased with my age? I told my mom I wanted Botox. Seriously.

But here are some other items on the ole Birthday/Christmas list:

1. A subscription to Cooking Light. Ever since I returned from Vail, I have been a cooking maniac. Mostly due to this magazine!
2. A blender. A nice blender that will blend my ice so I can make smoothies. Or frozen margaritas. I told you this list was going to be boring.
3. Someone to come paint my family room/kitchen. We did this ourselves when we first moved in. We didn't really know what we were doing and frankly it's not our best work. Plus the baseboards have seen better days. The days before my dog scratched and chewed them. I just want someone to come over, do all the prep work, paint perfectly, do all the clean-up, and leave. Is that possible?
4. Hardwood floors for my kitchen. Can this list get anymore home improvement like?
5. Canvas prints. Obviously baby Paul would be cuter in the pictures than this model baby, but I love the look of these canvases!
6. This hobo wallet. My co-worker has one of these and it looks pretty amazing and easy to stay organized.
7. Tory Burch flats. I might be getting older, but I am certainly not getting any less stylish.
8. An ipad. Because they look cool.
Now before you call me greedy and unrealistic, don't worry. I know I have many things to be thankful for!
But I'll still take that ipad. And botox.


  1. Love that last quote ;) But of course, all of your wants are wonderful. I definitely am the same way - things for our house always tops my list!

  2. I asked for Botox for Christmas. Rian is against it, I told him that might be our "deal breaker."

  3. i just sent you an email - mamapedia deal today was 88% off cooking light subscription! check it out :)


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