Monday, January 23, 2012

Date Night

Last weekend Ryan and I had ourselves a date night. We ate sushi and went to see a movie.
We were a bit disappointed in ourselves that we couldn't remember the last movie we had been to. During the holidays we used most of our babysitting nights to go to parties or out with friends, so it was a nice change of pace to go out just the two of us. Meanwhile, Paul had a good time at my parent's house. They only took 347 pictures of him. I am not exaggerating. When I got there, Paul was wearing just a diaper and was shooting the basketball (shocker) while G rebounded. He was in heaven.

He is wearing his Kansas sweatsuit from Aunt Kascie (that he now pronounces "Sassy") and his Jordan's from Uncle Buck. When I showed some of these pictures to my students (because I have no same exploiting my child's cuteness) they told me that Paul has some serious swag. In case you don't feel up to date on the high school lingo, that just means that Paul is very stylish. Obviously.

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