Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lately after I get Paul all ready for bed, brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, read him 3 stories, he requests to "rock Mommy."  We turn off all the lights and he snuggles his sweet little body into mine, puts his thumb in his mouth and we rock in our over sized chair while I make up songs about how much I love him.  His hair still has remnants of a sunscreen smell and I feel his limbs get a little more relaxed as he drifts off to sleep.  Then when he is ready, he points to his bed and says, "I go to sleep." 

This boy can run around, scream at the top of his lungs, refuse to listen, yell at the dog, run in the street, throw his dinner on the floor, and use the word NO excessively.  But rocking my baby and listening to his breath deepen every night, while his heads rests on my shoulder makes up for all those difficult moments.  There truly is no better part of my day.


  1. I'm a little teary-eyed...beautiful post, E. (Do you have a copy of "I'll Love You Forever"?)

  2. I agree with Janie.. beautiful post, beautiful parents, beautiful boy.. xoxo

  3. I was just thinking yesterday too that I love that Ty likes to cuddle again. I had missed those days/nights when he was a tiny babe cuddled on my chest. But now, he will ask, "Mama, let's cuddle on the couch." "Mama, will you cuddle with me in bed??" Its perfect.

    Like you said, these boys can be absolutely crazy during the day, but they still have that way of melting our hearts!!

    xoxo E!!

  4. agreed! well said!

    and great picture of the two of you!


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