Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diving Time

Things Paul does not like: 
- Anyone singing Happy Birthday
- The Merry Go Round at the zoo
- When you try to only fill his sippy cup 1/2 way with milk.  He demands a "big one."
- The giant on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Things Paul does like: 
- Water
- Swimming
- The diving board

Our friend Lauren is life guarding for the summer and invited us to the pool to check it out.  What a surprise to find not only a diving board, but a high dive.  It wasn't long before Paul requested to go off "the big one."  This video is the second time he went off the board.  The first time he received a round of applause from strangers.  I saw Paul talking to Ryan as he carried him up the stairs.  I asked Ryan if he was scared and Ryan scoffed at the idea.  Apparently, Paul was telling him to "put me down."  Oh.  He now refers to the regular size diving board as "the baby one."  

We did this about 10 more times until we finally had to cut him off.  Do we have an Olympian on our hands? 


  1. I have seen this video more times than I care to admit.. of course the first time I saw it I thought he was getting cold feet.. but NO.. I hope he settles on the Olympics and doesn't become the next Evil Knivel ! He is amazing!


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