Friday, August 17, 2012

The Car and Horse!

Last weekend I took Paul to the grocery store with me.  I typically try and do the shopping alone since I am able to get in an out without attempting to entertain a two year while bagging my apples.  However, I was feeling sad about starting work and leaving my baby that I decided to take him on the trip.  Two very eventful things happened.  One, Paul requested the obnoxious car grocery cart.  This is the cart you scoff at when you don't have children because it is so big and ridiculous.  Don't fear, I still have the same feelings about this situation.  But if something can buy me some time without a meltdown, I will do almost anything.  The cart was a huge success even though I couldn't drive it well and received a few eye rolls from fellow customers.  
The second event was that Paul requested to ride the penny horse.  At this particular store, we had a double horse, so when we arrived there was already a boy (about 5 or 6 years old) on one of the horses.  He graciously told me that Paul could ride the other horse and he even had his own penny.  I plopped Paul down and stood by to watch their ride in action.  After a few seconds, Paul pointed down the aisle and said, "Mom, go over there."  As if my presence was embarrassing him in front of this new, older friend.  I laughed, did what I was told, and enjoyed my son's horse riding experience from afar.  I'm so proud that I already humiliate my son. 

Obviously a very exciting grocery tip.

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  1. I'm so glad that my days of driving the huge, obnoxious grocery cart are gone but it does help make the trip easier so who cares! My 12 year old son is still a pain in the butt to take to the grocery store. He starts begging for crap and I end up arguing with him up and down the aisles. I swear I'm never taking him again but then I forget and the same thing happens. I almost wish I could shove him into the car-cart and hand him a cookie!


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