Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things to Read...

So many fun things to read on the internet, and so little time!!

I loved this post about what to do when someone has a baby.  Ryan and I have had multiple discussion about putting the lock down on visitors when the new baby comes.  With Paul, we had a revolving front door (which is of course so nice that everyone wants to meet the new addition) that our napping when the baby naps mantra was almost impossible.  This time we are going to hunker down, watch movies, and try to get used to being a family of FOUR!  My mom also insists that I just "boss her around" and make her do laundry and go grocery shopping and clean a bathroom.  This is what real help is people.  I also like how this blogger added that if you are going to visit someone's new born baby then you have to bring dinner.  I 100% agree.

Maureen sent me this birth story.  If this is not horrifying, I don't know what is!  And now I am afraid every time I go to the bathroom, my baby is going to pop out.  Maureen assured me that she would just come live with us for a few weeks before my due date in case this happens to us.  I feel better already. 

This is a sweet article describing how much hurt you feel when your kids hurt. 

In other news, the nice people at Pocket Change presented me an award for a blog they find exceptional and outstanding.  I don't know about all that, but I appreciate anyone checking out this little blog about our family!  Thank you!

Pocket Change's Editor's Pick!
Pocket Change

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! 

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