Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Big Boy Bed

This summer we tried Paul out on the big boy bed.  It did not go well.  He was up at 2:00 am breathing in my face and scaring the shit out of me!  We went back and forth a few times, until I got Ryan up and then they went back and forth many times.  The night finally concluded with me sleeping in the big boy bed with Paul, which if you ever have slept with a toddler know that is asking for the worst night sleep of you life.  The next day I put him back in the crib.  Clearly he wasn't ready.  And more importantly I did not have the diligence to follow through.  I was ending the first trimester, tired, and Paul slept so well in the crib I don't know why I was trying to fix something that wasn't broken.

But then this new baby boy's due date crept closer and closer. I thought about just buying a second crib but I guess telling people that my close to three year old was still in a crib was slightly embarrassing.  Plus, I think I should spend that money restocking my home with red wine rather than another crib.  Am I right?

This time we talked up the big bed a little more.  We added a headboard, foot board, and Lightening McQueen side rail, trying to make the bed resemble more of a crib.  We bought Lightening McQueen sheets.  We prayed.  And guess what?  He did fantastic.  He has never gotten out of his bed at night and still waits for us to come get him when he wakes up.  During nap time I do hear him jumping off the bed and doing God knows what, but the major goal of nap time for me is to catch up on my DVR in peace, so as longs as he stays up there I don't really care.  He does seem to fall asleep eventually and the jumping session has been a little shorter, so we will see. 

I do have to say he looks so cute curled up in his big bed and when we go get him he is always very proud of himself, declaring that he "stayed in my big boy bed."  So we switched the white crib into the new baby's nursery and now I will have plenty of money to drink with.  A win win. 

The infamous bed with a race car decal above.  He loves it.  

The new roman shades that help make his room extra dark.  With the time change, we have had to wake him up at 5:00 from nap time.  In his defense, it is rather cozy in there! 

His new dresser with wire lines above to hang all our letters.  Yes, we have been working on our letters since September and are only up to "E."  We did F today.  When I am off I will always choose a play date over letter learning.  Don't judge.

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  1. Just want every one to know.. I baby sat today and Paul was showing me on the I Pad( yes.. the I pad) all the letter games.. he knows most of his letters already sheeeeeesh.. what the H is he going to learn in school?
    He also knows how take pictures with my phone.. yes there were at least 10 pictures of darling two year old toes on my phone. I love this kid!


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