Friday, November 16, 2012

A Day Off

I took yesterday off from work, Paul went to daycare, and I spent a day alone.  ALONE.  I entertained the first hour I was awake, talking to Maureen.  Then I watched Gossip Girl, Parenthood, and Private Practice on my DVR.  Then I vacuumed.  Which doesn't sound that great for a day off, but can I tell you what a simpler task it is to vacuum when no one is home rather than having a small person follow you around trying to turn off your vacuum as you are frantically trying to suck up all the dog hair from your floors?  Then I went to yoga.  Then I came home and took an extra long shower with NO interruptions.  I ran a couple of errands in record time because there was no one to get in and out of the car seat or negotiate/bribe with suckers and candy.  Then for the best part of my day I had myself a little facial,

No this is not me.  I wished my skin looked like this. 

and pedicure.  AMAZING.

Although this doesn't sound so bad either,

I came home to my little dude and husband and then spent the rest of the evening on the couch with them, marinating in my day off. 

I think it was the best pre-baby presents I could have given myself!  Happy Friday!

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