Thursday, November 8, 2012

What We've Been Up To!

I have a million pictures on my iphone.  One way Paul likes to entertain himself is by flipping through the pictures and telling me everyone who is involved!  Here are his favorites:

This is when Auntie Mo Mo came to visit.  She is using her infamous Clarasonic on Paul's sweet little face.  He loved it.  Just because I am not having any girls, doesn't mean we won't pamper our boys and inform them of important skin care from an early age!

My dudes mowing the lawn.  Paul loves to help his dad rake leaves, mow the grass, and point out any dog doo. 

The fall weather has been so nice, it has allowed us to continue some park time.  This particular afternoon, I treated Paul to a Jamba Juice while we played on the swings.  This picture is taken right before he smashed his Styrofoam cup resulting in frozen berries spilling all over him.  That wiped the smile right off his face! 

Before Halloween, we went to the neighborhood pumpkin patch.  Of course Paul could care less about stupid pumpkins and was fascinated with the tractor.  We took a tractor ride around the property and he didn't stop talking about it for days!

Trying to "push" the tractor.  Look at that face of determination.

Then we stupidly asked someone to help us take a family photo.  This is our best shot:

Most of them looked like this:

Finally, our friend Tyson was on fall break a few weeks ago so Kathy and I took the boys to the library for story time.  They sat right by each other holding hands.  Later, Paul told our daycare lady that he went to the library with his "best bud Tyson and Kathy." 

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  1. I love it when im on the blog! baby paul looks so grown up! i love how tyson is always covering his mouth when he laughs- such little sweeties!


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