Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Christmas of 2012

Because it is the first day of 2013, I might as well write our Christmas post!  We had a pretty low key Christmas thanks to Charlie, and frankly it didn't really feel like the holiday season even with the stockings hung and Christmas tree decorated.  Maybe it is because all my shopping and wrapping were done in October, so I didn't have that hustle and bustle feeling to get me in the mood. 

Ryan's family came over for brunch and of course I did not take one picture.  I should never be responsible for this sort of thing.  Paul was spoiled (as were all of us) and loved playing with his cousin and all his new toys.  The biggest hit of the day was a Lightening McQueen tent given by his aunt.  He likes to hide and play in there (by himself I may add), so I think it is a very successful present!

We woke up Christmas morning (not even early because Paul doesn't quite get the Santa concept yet) and came downstairs.  Santa picked out a Strider bike for Paul and he couldn't of cared less.  Super.  He was excited about all the presents and I am sure was a little overwhelmed by the excess.  Go big or go home. 

My parents came over mid-day for some more brunch and brought what I can only describe as a truck load of presents.  My dad decided that if Small Paul didn't actually ask for any of these things, he could not be called spoiled.  Interesting line of thought.  I also didn't take one picture, but luckily my dad did! 

 I think this picture speaks volumes.  A little dude at the head of the table, directing traffic. 

 Lightening McQueen racetrack from Uncle Buck and Aunt Kasice- loved it!

 So happy!

 Charlie, not so sure what to think about these crazy family holidays!

 Monster truck!

Those cars go SO FAST!

This guy loves his new Bronco hat!

My sweet little chef! 

All in all we had a great holiday and Ryan was sure to spoil me too!  I love Christmas with a two year old!  He was so fun and has loved playing with all his new toys!  He has asked me everyday since where Christmas went.  My kind of kid! 
Now I guess I'll go think about those New Year's resolutions.  Happy 2013! 

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