Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What We've Been Watching....

When you have a baby, you are home a lot.  It just takes so much effort to pack everyone up and people feel obligated to come to you anyway.  But it can get a bit a little boring.  That is where TV comes in.  Now I know we would all like to read books or be a little more intellectual then constantly flipping through the channels, but this is reality.  When I am sitting on the couch feeding my baby over and over again, I want to watch something good.  This is what we have found:


My parents actually turned us on to this, which is funny because it is about making and dealing meth.  They get it on Netflix and watch it together every Friday.  They bought us four seasons when Charlie was born.  I have watched one episode and Ryan has watched the entire thing.  He did not get the memo that we were suppose to watch it together.  It is a little dark but really good. 

Everyone we know has been talking about Homeland and rightfully so.  It is amazing and Claire Danes is INCREDIBLE.  What else has Claire Danes been in?  My So Called Life- obviously.  Family Stone.  What else?

And then of course we are enjoying the newest season of the Bachelor.  We can't stop watching, it is such good entertainment and makes us feel really good about ourselves! 

What are you watching lately?  Do I need to get on this Downtown Abbey situation?  It is all I hear/read about?  Anything on the must watch list?


  1. Downton Abby is amazing. I love Homeland too!

  2. Elaine, Claire Danes is also in an awesome movie from the 90's called Brokedown Palace. You must watch it.


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