Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Very Best Friends A Girl Could Ask For!

Last weekend Maureen arrived from Texas, Tori arrived from Vail and their only mission was to make my life easier.  They did.

Here are some highlights of what these two did to help make life with a newborn and toddler a bit more tolerable.  Please take notes.  
  • They took Paul on many "adventures" to the grocery store, Starbucks, etc.  Paul loves his mom and doesn't always want her out of his sight.  But when the word "adventure" is used, he can usually be persuaded to leave me.  I am sure the promise of hot chocolate did not hurt either.
  •  They made us many meals.  MANY meals.  They are all frozen in my freezer.  They have directions on them.  They are tasty.  I did not make them.  I don't have to think about what is for dinner.  It is AMAZING.
  • They brought wine.  Enough said.
  •  They literally drove my children around so I could have the house to myself for ONE WHOLE HOUR. 
  • They stayed up to do the first feeding so my husband and I could go to sleep together.  Incredible.  
  •  They helped me figure out the baby Bjorn and took a walk with a newborn and 2 1/2 year old.  This was no easy task.  Especially when the 2 year old insisted that he take his lawn mower on the walk.  And then decided half way through he didn't want the lawn mower.  So your friend carried the lawn mower for the rest of the walk.
  •  They rented Magic Mike and sat on the couch with wine and horrified looks on their face. (Seriously- how was that a movie?)
  •  They played trains, cars, puzzles, kitchen, and God knows what else with your toddler. 
  •  They held the baby so I could eat dinner with BOTH hands.  
  • They told me what a great job I was doing.  Even when I was unsure. 

I don't have one picture from that weekend, except a picture of a meal they made.  But trust me- if you have a new baby you should hire these two. My words alone cannot express my gratitude.  I am sure that both left exhausted and thankful that their houses are clean and their televisions are not constantly running an episode of Mickey Mouse.  They were the perfect amount of distraction and help that was conveniently timed with Ryan's return to work.  I am so lucky to have friends like I do.  Please come back.


  1. OMG.. BFF's are the best.. how could we get through life with out them!?

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