Monday, January 14, 2013

Charlie- One Month

I can't believe that my sweet baby is already a month old.  Just like anything, some days seem really fast and other days I can't believe it has only been a month.  Such is life with a newborn I suppose.  I am about 99.9% sure that this is our last little babe.  In that sense it has been a little easier to get up in the middle of the night because I tell myself this is the last time I will do this.  And I am a little more aware that everything is just a passing phase.  I remember thinking with Paul that I was NEVER going to sleep again.  I know that I will.  I hope.  Although yesterday I did have myself a little "I'm so tired" breakdown.  Sleep deprivation is no joke.

Overall, Charlie is a very calm and content baby.  He likes to be held and likes when we talk to him and he only really cries when he is hungry or needs a bit of attention.  It is a little hard to give as much undivided attention to Charlie as we did with Paul.  With Paul we would lay him on our bed and stare at him for an inappropriate amount of time.  It is hard to do that with Charlie because of a demanding two year old.  Hopefully we are not creating any permanent psychological scarring.

 Listening to Mommy go on and on about something

Charlie still has quite a bit of hair and some of it sticks straight up and will not be tamed.  I like it.   Everyone keeps telling me it is going to fall out.  Is this true?  Paul had no hair so I have no experience in this arena.  I can tell you that my hair is falling out rapidly, never mind the prenatal vitamins I am pounding.

I just reviewed Paul's first month post to see what I wrote about the sleeping situation.  Guess what?  I wrote nothing.  I am guessing because it wasn't going very well and I didn't want to remember.  Foolish.  Charlie gets his last bottle of the night at around 9:00.  He goes down relatively easy and then he up again around 12-1.  He goes down easy again and then it is a crap shoot for the rest of the nice.  Sometimes he is up at 2:30.  Usually 3:00.  However last night he didn't wake up again after his 12:30 feeding until 4:35.  After the second feeding I bring him in bed with us.  This is probably not a good habit, but I can't seem to stop myself.  So in conclusion, we are tired.  And something else to add- "how is he sleeping?" seems to be every stranger's favorite question.  If he is sleeping well then they get mad because their child, or grandchild, or cousin, or whoever never slept.  And if he is not sleeping well, then they have the answer of how to get some slumber.  How about a simple congratulations on the baby and move the hell on?  Thank you.

Sleeping here with a popped collar

Charlie has been smiling more and it is amazing the things you will do and say to get the boy's lip to turn upward.  My voice becomes high and squeaky and ridiculous.  But it is the sweetest thing in the world to see him smile.  It gives you a little validation that feeding him every three hours and waking up all the time is beneficial.  However, capturing this smile seems to be quite the challenge.  That doesn't stop me from trying!

Almost a smile... 

So happy! 

Paul has adjusted to the new person in our house.  I will say the first week was rough.  He told Ryan he didn't want to be friends anymore, he was crabby, clingy, and desperate for our attention.  He is doing so much better!  He now finds Charlie's pacifier when he cries, likes to hold the baby's hand, tickles his tummy, and says "goodnight Charlie."  Paul continues to be fascinated with breast feeding and I hope the obsession stops soon because it is getting a little uncomfortable.

My sweet big boy

"Playing" with Charlie

Finally, having a newborn is not that hard.  Having a two and a half year old plus a newborn is very hard.  I feel spread a little thin, my house is DIRTY (which is new for me), I feel like all I do is laundry, and I can't tell you how long it takes me to shower, get dressed, put on make-up, and get out of the house.  Because of that, showers are few and far between and I don't know the last time I've put on a full face of make-up.  But we have two sweet boys who are healthy and happy.  I know we will all adjust and maybe I'll just get used to my house having a layer of dog hair on it.  I also know I have plenty of reasons to feel blessed and lucky and even when I'm overwhelmed, I also feel absolutely grateful for my two little men.  

The pictures are too much!

Happy one month birthday baby Charlie.  We can't wait to see you grow and learn! 


  1. I knew Paul had turned the corner when he told me he wanted to go home to see Mommy, Daddy, and "my Charlie."
    What beautiful sons you have!!

  2. He seems like such a happy baby! Adorable :)


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