Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't Help My Kid Please

 One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is resisting the urge to do everything for my children.  I find myself doing this for a few reasons.  Sometimes I underestimate their ability.  Sometimes it is simply easier.  For example,  we can get out of the door faster if I don't have to wait 100 minutes while someone zips up their jacket.  Sometimes it is because Paul asks me to.  Over and over and over again.

Recently, I read this very interesting blog post about letting children figure out things for themselves.  The author argues that by allowing kids the ability to face challenges and then find solutions for those challenges, we are teaching them about the process of dealing with confrontation or obstacles for their future. 

I think this is an important point to think about.  Finding that balance between watching their very move and trying to anticipate every fall versus letting them run wild without any supervision.  Because honestly they are going to fall.  They are going to hurt themselves, some stupid girl will break their hearts.  They will have teachers and bosses and people they just don't get a long with.  But can we give them space to figure out some of this on their own?  So when they do fall down they know how to dust themselves off and try again. 

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