Monday, February 3, 2014

How is it February?

January was perhaps the fastest month ever.  EVER. But that it is fine because it is one month closer to warmer weather and the ability to send my kids outside without spending 30 minutes bundling them up.  Is it even worth it at that point?

On another note, how in the hell do people blog everyday?  Where is the time?  I guess if I stopped watching Vanderpump Rules I would have an extra hour. 

Anyway, here is what we've been up to!  I got to go to Texas and meet sweet baby Vivian.  If possible, she is cuter in person than she is on social media, and my iphone now has 800 pictures of her.  And now I will share an inapporpriate amount. 

We obviously started the trip with Bloody Marys.  I was a little sick and vodka helped.  Then I managed to get everyone sick including the baby.  I'm a gift that keeps on giving. 

At the nail salon

I mean... 

 Ready to tell me all her secrets

She loves to talk.  Just like her mom and Aunties!

Strong babysitting going on here

 It was 70 degrees in Austin.  I got sunburned for goodness sake.  Then we came home to snow.  Lots of snow.  We took the boys sledding and Paul loved it.  Charlie was so bundled up he couldn't walk, which was hilarious to me but not so much him. 

It was also Grandmas birthday so we sent her a singing video.  I love Paul's impression of Charlie!

And then last night was the Superbowl.  If you know us in real life, you know that Ryan is a true Bronco fan.  He didn't want to have a party because what if someone was talking and he missed a play????  So, his depression is real.  This little dude didn't care about the game, but loved eating dip. 


Welcome February! 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so appreciative of your comments, questions and stories!

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