Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little bit of Easter

I know that if I had a girl, she would have multiple Easter dresses.  But I don't.  So I have to settle with boys in button down shirts with collars.  Which I happen to think is pretty adorable.  My dad took all these pictures.  My mom hid all the eggs and did their Easter baskets.  I drank coffee.  

Things to note: 

  • My brother gave Paul those new green shoes for his birthday.  He loves them because they are bright and he can put them on himself.  Thanks Velcro.  We get many comments on them from his teachers, friends, and strangers.  And no, they do not glow in the dark.  We tried.  
  • We tried to put Paul and Charlie in the jeep together for a nice Easter ride.  Charlie cried about 10 seconds in.  If you've seen Paul's driving skills, you would cry too.  
  • Silly string can entertain a four year old for a long time.  Especially when you can squirt the string at your grandfather.  


  1. Collin has the same shoes as Paul! Super annoying, but he loves them and calls them his "fast shoes". Miss you guys, your the cutest, happiest family.


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