Friday, April 25, 2014

Paul and Charlie- Listen Up!!!

Dear Paul and Charlie,
Remember when I carried you around for 9 months in my belly?  And I only allowed myself one cup of coffee?  And I didn't get to drink any WINE??? Remember when I gave birth to you?  And remember how much I love you and kiss you and think you are the best two dudes in the universe?

To celebrate my dedication to motherhood, I probably need these items from Nordstroms.  Because nothing shows love like clothes and jewelry.

PS- show your dad this list.  I don't want either of you learning to use my credit card just yet.


TOMS sandal 

This cute maxi dress I obviously need to look cute this summer when I'm taking you to the park and pool. 

This cute wrap

This jacket 

These nice earrings 


  1. This post made me immediately go online and pick out things I believe I need from Nordstrom's as well!


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