Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Have to Start!

I feel like my blogging comeback should start with a profound story.  But that is too much pressure, so I am just going to start writing.  About nothing.

We are summer break.  Can I get a Hallelujah?!  Summertime is my season.  I love that it is light outside until 8:30.  I love having all the windows open and hearing the kids playing on the neighborhood block.  I love that it is more socially acceptable to drink during the day.  All my loves in a season.

Ryan went to Ohio to grade papers for EIGHT days and while I am sure that was hard and boring and tedious for him, I WAS ALONE WITH MY CHILDREN FOR EIGHT DAYS.  Obviously I survived, many people helped me and cooked me dinner and did my dishes which leads my to believe that families should live on compounds.  Each family could take a night to cook dinner?  And everyone could help with laundry.  There would always be someone to entertain your child.  I want a sister wife.

Anyway, We have done lots of pool time, park time, send the kids in the backyard and shut the door time. Whenever anyone sees Charlie they always comment on his very blond hair!  He will probably be platinum by the end of the summer.

At the "beach" 

I also bought the Groupon for Orange Theory Fitness and I am totally obsessed.  The workout is not rocket science, I just love someone telling me what to do.

Auntie MoMo is coming to visit tomorrow with baby Vivi.  We are so excited to see the cute baby and look through all her cute girl clothes.  Actually I am the only one excited about that! :) We are then headed to the mountains for Auntie Diz's birthday!! It will be a great weekend.

I better end now.  Don't want to overwhelm myself!  Hopefully this summer can include more time for blogging!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I am so glad you posted ! I was feeling pressure by quite a few people... worried that you had stopped blogging! You have quite a few quiet fans out there ! Love the summer pictures.. those are happy, lucky boys !

  2. I heard about Orange Theory and I think I'll love it for the exact same reason. All I have to do is work and someone will tell me exactly what to do. Ones opening by my house later this summer.
    Also, I worship your blog. It's the first one I read when you post. You are awesome, and why isn't summer EVERYBODY'S season? Oh well, I'm off to day drink while Rian is out of town.


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