Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer 2014

Well one week done with work.  My schedule is the most complicated thing on the face of the Earth (I don't even think I am being that dramatic) but it allows me to only work three days a week.  And although sometimes it is hard as I feel like I am doing nothing well instead of one thing really well, I know I would regret not spending times with these boys of mine if I went full time.  

So in celebration of week one in the books here are some memories from summer.  We had such a fun break: California, Mexico, a crazy amount of pool time, playing outside, catching up friends, and most importantly spending many days and nights together as a family!  How many days until the next summer again??
Boys getting their suntans

Spontaneous chips and salsa and margarita Tuesday. 

We cleaned the garage.  Can I offer you a scooter, bike, something to ride?

Charlie and his buddy Jed looking for planes.  I think they look like twins. 

Paul and Delilah deep in summer love conversation.  

Went to Paul's friend Charlie's house (not to be confused with his brother Charlie) and washed a car.  Entertainment for at least an hour.  A genius idea by Charlie's mom.  

Family pool time.  Paul was real stressed with the sun in his eyes.  

I love taking pictures of Charlie because when you say "cheese" he gives you this grin.  And he thinks Popsicles are pretty awesome too.  

We tried a night swim party, brought beer and ordered pizza, thinking we were real fun.  Of course it started to rain right as the kids jumped in.  They swam for a bit anyway, but were FREEZING when it was time to get out.

A lot of baseball.  The neighbor boy just started playing and has asked Ryan to play catch many, many times.  Luckily, Ryan LOVES this.  Then our boys want to join the fun.  As you can see, I just sit back and take pictures and drink a beer.  I'm really good at summer.  

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