Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap!

As school starts back up, I remember how much we have to cherish the weekends.  And if we want to get anything done then it is in our best interest to do activities that make little boys tired.  Then they will nap.  And we can vacuum, read, do school work, make dinner, fold laundry, wash sheets, and get.a.grip.  There is a lot to do at nap time.

I was off on Friday so I had big plans for the pool since it is only open for a bit longer, but of course it was rainy and cloudy and in no way shape or form appropriate pool weather.  So we packed up in the car and headed out to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Real exciting, I know.

Snapped these cuties checking out the toys at Target.  Paul is pretty good at just looking and knowing that we are not going to purchase.  Charlie on the other hand...

When Ry got home from work, I met my yoga girlfriends out for a little wine walk.  Basically you walk around Main street and hop into different vendors and they give you wine.  And maybe a cracker if you are lucky.  It was really fun and there was A LOT of laughter and it was a perfect way to end the first week of school.  Wine heals.  

We combine yoga and wine.  Don't you?  All of these friends are from me just going to yoga over and over again.  They are all so funny and smart and are the kind of women that only want to support other women.  The world needs more of that.  #girlpower.

I returned home exhausted because it was 9:30.  Super.  Saturday morning I headed off to yoga to detox and twist all the wine out (that was painful) and as I left I captured our Saturday morning routine.  Paul hoarding his planes and cars while Charlie tries to steal them.

After yoga, we packed up and headed out for a Saturday hike.  Charlie rode in the backpack and Paul was a real trooper, walking the entire way! It was beautiful and nice to be outside before the weather shifts.  

And all our dreams came true when I turned around in the car after the hike and saw this.  He fell asleep in about 3.5 seconds.  Poor guy was TIRED.  

While the boys continued to rest at home, I did some work.  On a Saturday afternoon.  I mean, isn't that sad? The hardest part about this job is that there is ALWAYS something to do.  But it felt good to get a few things checked off my todo list!!

Then I don't know if you knew this, but the Broncos played Saturday night.  So Ryan required everyone in the house to put on their Bronco gear.  And he was serious.  We take football season VERY seriously.  The boys happily obliged.

 How cute is Charlie Vaughn?

Sunday we hit up the pool and Charlie giggled, while Paul practiced his swimming!  

Paul is doing such a great job swimming and has come SO far since the beginning of the summer.  He is understanding kicking and moving his arms outside of the water, however we need to continue to work on actually MOVING from place to place.  Ha! 

So excited for next weekend, especially since it is a LONG one!! What did you do this weekend?

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