Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eleanor and Park

I just finished this book.  My friend Jenn recommended it to me and told me "it just has all the high school feelings."  And she is right.  It takes you back to the time where kids are mean but then nice at the same time, where the feeling of love is real and outrageous and where you are trying hard to navigate all the feelings.  It brings your right back to your own high school days, sitting in the desks with the chair attached, with fluorescent lights above you, trying to listen to your teacher but being distracted by so many other things and people.  You think I would be more sympathetic to my own students after reading this book.  BUT FOR GOODNESS SAKE LISTEN TO ME AND PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  Moving on... 

You'll read this book in two days and I hope you love it as much as Jenn and I did.  Check out more reviews here.  

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