Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's on my playlist

I swear that half of my text messages between my friends are questions like, "I like the __________ song.  Am I hip?"  Ha Ha!

Here is some of my newly purchased music.  Lets just remember that I teach yoga sculpt and need to pump up my crowd, so don't judge too much.  You can share your songs too if you are that disgusted. (Ryan).

I don't even think I like Taylor Swift, but I like this song.

 I love Ed Sheeran and his crazy red hair. I can't help it.

 This song we played during a cardio burst in yoga and people worked hard.

 I mean who doesn't love Adam Levine? After I saw him on Jimmy Fallon I'm obsessed.

 I cannot get enough of this one. I LOVE LOVE when I catch this song on the radio in the car. It improves my drive 100%.

 What is on your playlist? I'm always looking for something to add!

1 comment:

  1. I am weirdly into the song Riptide by Vance Joy right now. But usually I'm super out of the loop on music so checking some of these out!


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